Watch for new book launch! Helping You Understand the Bible: God’s Plan Made Clear

Launching Soon! Helping You Understand the Bible: God’s Plan Made Clear by Jack Hartman and Judy Hartman

Have you felt the frustration of desiring to be closer to God and study the Bible, but where do you start? Have you tried to read the Bible and your head bobs in falling asleep?

First, imagine a husband and wife, Jack and Judy Hartman, with offices at each end of their ranch-style home in Dunedin, Florida, dividing the Word of God together for 30 years, creating 32 Bible-filled topical books! In their newest book, Helping You Understand the Bible: God’s Plan Made Clear, Judy updated and greatly expanded Jack’s prized 1985 book, How to Study the Bible.

Approaching is the launch date of Jack and Judy’s latest Bible-filled book: Helping You Understand the Bible: God’s Plan Made Clear! You will be able to read the book online for free. So, be watching this blog!

See Powerful Life Changes from Early Readers

“I have personally been impacted by the writings of Jack and Judy Hartman for nearly four decades now. They have knocked the ball out of the park again with Helping You Understand the Bible: God’s Plan Made Clear! This inspired book is so timely and needed for this generation.

“Jack and Judy have compiled their years of study and put it into a simple and straightforward work that’s sensational. I’ve even discovered some new study aids!

“In Jack and Judy’s distinct, refreshing, bright, and bold way of communicating the truths of God’s Word, I’m confident the reader will come away eager about studying the Bible.

“Following the recommendations in Helping You Understand the Bible: God’s Plan Made Clear will increase your consecration and faith. It will help you tap into God’s divine guidance system and be transformed by His power.

I highly recommend this book. It will exhort you, teach you, and bless you.” (Dr. Kenneth Friendly, Pastor, Lighthouse Alaska, Anchorage Alaska-

“I had the distinct pleasure of knowing and being somewhat of an adopted spiritual son of Jack’s. From my early days of knowing Christ to my latter years, Jack was my mentor and guide.

“Much of what you will read in this book is very much how Jack lived and how he taught others to live. He lived in awe of the Bible, but more in awe of its Author.

“Jack believed that what the Holy Spirit led men to write all those many years ago is still fully applicable in current days.

“Jack strongly believed the Bible was to be taken literally in all of its 66 books. His dedication to meticulous research was the hallmark of this wonderful book.

“If you have wanted to find a way to really grow in your knowledge of the Bible, I would strongly recommend that you spend time reading and studying Jack and Judy’s book. You won’t be disappointed.” (Ed Hiers, CEO Northeast Planning Associates, Bedford, NH- (

‘What privilege it is to be asked to write an endorsement for our dear friend, Judy Hartman of Lamplight Ministries, for this wonderful book, Helping You Understand the Bible: God’s Plan Made Clear, that Jack composed and Judy is adding to and re-releasing!

‘Having become a Christian over 50 years ago, by God’s grace, I have read the Bible from cover to cover a multitude of times. Its truths are always refreshing and encouraging, but until you delve into the “meat”, rather than just the “milk” of the Word, you are missing so much that God has intended and desires for you to know!

‘God’s greatest desire for you is a personal, deep relationship, guided by the Holy Spirit that encourages you during the difficult seasons of your life and lifts you up when the world fails you. A daily relationship where He walks and talks with you is worth every effort it takes to attain such a blessed fellowship!

‘This wonderful resource is a must for any Christian library that gives you step by step instruction on just how to dig deeper into God’s Word and how to retain what you’ve learned, so that God’s Word truly becomes a “lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path” on a daily basis.

‘May God direct your steps as you seek to learn and grow in Him!’ (Rhonda J. Malkmus, Co-founder, The Hallelujah Diet, Shelby, North Carolina-

“The authors, Jack and Judy Hartman, see the Bible as being detailed to every word as the Word and the only incomparable guide to living in a corrupt world. The authors see the Bible as absolute spiritual food that becomes a light for all our ways on earth.

“Jack and Judy see the Bible as a multi-functional active book, as a scalpel, a body and soul separator, a modifier, an analyzer, and as a judgment of the mind, the intent and the motivation of the human heart.

“The Bible is sharp like a double-edged sword, penetrating, dissecting and always giving new energy. The authors believe that the Bible is unwavering, like a rock, that we need to study it regularly and carefully, reflect on it with prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

“The authors lay the foundation for studying the Bible, like the strongest rock, in order to understand the absolute truth in it. The truth is understood only by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God is the Author of the Bible.

“Jack inspires his students to study the Bible by topic or subject, with an open heart and ponder it day and night. Judy’s method that leads to its application, includes the Word starting in the heart and then being spoken with the mouth.

“This is a very inspiring book because the use of applicative hermeneutics can make it easier for us to digest and understand God’s Word for our lives.” (Dr. Gideon Tandirerung, Lamplight Ministries, Inc. Southeast Asia Director, Sulawesi, Indonesia)

“In Helping You Understand the Bible: God’s Plan Made Clear, you are presented with sensible and practical approaches to Bible Study. Throughout this book, Jack and Judy passionately share the fruit from their years of experience and gleanings from studying the Word.

I felt like I was personally sitting with them as they dispensed the treasure of study. My hunger was piqued as I read and reflected on my own pursuit of the Word.” (Pastor Brett Robinson, Calvary Chapel Palm Harbor, Palm Harbor, FL-

Be looking for the launch date! Immediately read Jack and Judy’s book number thirty-eight for free! You will be honored to journey with the highly revered Jack Hartman (1931-2019), now a citizen of heaven!

Judy’s Tribute to Jack Hartman: 1931-2019

I want to thank God in Christ Jesus for the honor of being Jack’s wife for almost thirty years, from September 22, 1989 to September 17, 2019, when Jack passed from this life to heaven. When we married, Ed Hiers, Jack’s business partner at Northeast Planning Associates, ( said the only question he had was that we both might give away the kitchen sink!

Generous describes Jack. Our garage had hooks along each side where sets of golf clubs hung to be given to anyone wanting to start golf. Hundreds of people, over the years, walked away with free sets of golf clubs. Jack taught our family members to become golfers, including me! If you ever golfed with Jack, you know that it was high intensity golfing, never taking a second swing, always looking for an open hole, and golfing so fast that those coming up behind you never had to wait.

Jack loved golf and began as a caddy. His leadership ability was easily recognized. He was chosen as head caddy which led a doctor to nominate Jack for ROTC in high school. Jack entered the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant and became a platoon leader. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a major in Business. Jack never owned a car until after he graduated from college.

Wherever Jack was, he rose to the top. With his Business degree, Jack catapulted into the insurance industry. He became a General Agent at age 28, which was too young, so his title was “Associate General Agent in Charge.”

Jack’s gift of encouraging others led to his adding advisors to his firm and coaching them to success. He saw what a person could be, not what he was. When 22-year-old Ed Hiers walked into Jack’s office, Jack saw what Ed could be. Ed and Jack came to have what I describe as a biblical David and Jonathan relationship, an ever so rare bond.

When Jack was 42, he got himself into a financial pickle, which led him to search the Bible to find out what God said about finances. A friend had told him that he would find answers if he saturated himself in the Bible and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

Jack was desperate, so he devoured the Bible, recording every verse he could find on finances on three by five cards. What happened, though, was above and beyond what Jack was seeking. He met the living Savior of the world, Jesus Christ!

Jack had a very active body and a very active soul (which includes the mind, the will, and the emotions), but his spirit had been dead to God because of the sin of Adam, the inborn nature of everyone, the capacity to do evil.  Now Jack’s spirit was indeed born anew. Into his being came the Holy Spirit of God. The Bible, God’s book written for His family, became alive to Jack.

Jack meditated on the Bible verses on finances day and night. He found the verse, Joshua 1:8, which he quoted so often, the Amplified Bible version, of course, his favorite: This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good success.”

Success, according to Jack, is to have all that you need in order to complete God’s plan for your life. Jack began to do what he was learning and was able to pay everyone back. He wrote “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me” 100 times on a legal pad, Philippians 4:13, his life verse.

Others, wanting to know what happened in Jack’s life, resulted in Jack’s teaching Bible studies that grew so large that a church was established, Faith Christian Center, in Bedford, New Hampshire. Jack taught Tuesday night Bible studies for many years, handing out notes each week, mimeographed with purple ink. The church grew to over 1,000 people, established a Christian school, and had extensive mission outreaches.

Jack’s notes on finances became his book, Trust God for Your Finances, which has over 150,000 copies in print and has been translated into eleven languages. I recently updated and expanded Trust God for Your Finances as part of Lamplight Ministries’ God’s Toolbox Series. (

I met Jack through Rudy Johnson, who gave me that very book, Trust God for Your Finances. I had some questions because I wanted to go to China as a missionary. I called Bill Gibbons, who was my insurance agent (and worked for Jack’s company, Northeast Planning Associates, to ask him if I should call Jack.

If you know Bill, you know his answer. After Jack and I talked, Jack made a cassette tape to me telling me that God told him that I would become his wife (after the first phone call, before we ever saw each other). Jack thought that was crazy and threw the tape into the waste basket, but, indeed, that was God’s wonderful plan for Jack and for me.

Jack and I were married in 1989. Two “givers’ now married just might give the kitchen sink away! Jack and I established Lamplight Ministries, Inc. in 1991 because we were spending so much of our own money mailing Jack’s books to the nations that we thought (and Ed agreed) that maybe others whose lives were transformed by Jesus Christ in the Word of God in our books might like to help us write, print, translate, and distribute our books to the nations of the world.

Lamplight Ministries, Inc. ( continues today, debt free since its inception in 1991, now with Directors in India, Indonesia, and Uganda, spreading the message of Jesus Christ through the Word of God in the 32 Lamplight Bible-based books. Most of the books were written with Jack and me in our offices at opposite ends of our ranch-style home in Dunedin, Florida. The exciting news is that Jack completed the first draft of four books that have not yet been published. I continue to write and publish Bible-based books and will have the joy of completing and publishing Jack’s four yet-unpublished books.

Jack was a producer and when he could no longer produce, he longed to go to heaven. Lamplight Ministries, Inc. has two books describing what heaven is like: What Will Heaven Be Like? and God’s Glorious Eternal Life in Heaven, which I updated and expanded. See our website:

We moved to Concord, North Carolina in December of 2017 to be near 19 immediate family members, including three “greats,” all adoring Jack and visiting him often. During our final nine months together in North Carolina, Jack told me every day how grateful he was to me and how much he loved me, many times each day. He did not die of any disease. He took no medications of any kind. His body just started to get weak.

I took Jack for his daily ride to enjoy the countryside on Wednesday, September 11, 2018. He was “absent from the body and present with the Lord” the next Tuesday, September 17.

. On Monday night, September 16, Jack’s son, Mike, my daughter, Melissa, Kim, the nurse Jack treasured, and I sang worship songs around Jack’s bed. He was no longer responding, but we knew he heard us. Kim said she wanted to dedicate a song to Jack: “Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am so glad you did.” She played it and we all sang along, singing it to Jack.

We all wondered if Jack might leave us during the night. Early in the morning I sat on a stool by Jack’s hospital bed in the bedroom and put my hand on his chest while I read Psalms and Revelation out loud to Jack and just talked to him, thanking him and loving him.

Then, Mike and Melissa came into the room and gathered around Jack’s bed with me. Melissa played the song again: “Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am so glad you did.” The last verse played: “As Jesus took your hand, you stood before the Lord. He said, “My child, look around you. For great is your reward. Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed. I am so glad you gave.” At the very moment of the last note of the last verse of the song, Jack stopped breathing and was “absent from the body and present with the Lord.” (“We are confident, yes, well-pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.” (II Corinthians 5:8)

“Father, we thank you for Jack’s life. We thank you that Jack gave to you. Father, I am a life that was changed because of Jack. Thank you, Father, for Jack Hartman. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

Now available for free in audio! Our book, Overcoming Fear!

We are so excited to announce that the audio version of our book, Overcoming Fear, is now available on our website for free! ( We invite you to tell everyone you know to listen to Michele Bunker read the book beautifully.

Do you know anyone with anxiety? Do you know anyone who has a fear of the future? Do you know anyone who has financial pressures that create fear?

Overcoming Fear has changed my life completely. I used to be a very fearful person, especially in terms of the future. I had a lot of anxiety in my life. I have now been delivered from this fear, because of your great book. I have been given a job in the military. I am now studying at the University of Malawi. The government has paid for me in school and I receive a salary. This book has helped me to wait on God. I apply the Word of God in this book to my life. My faith has grown. I have put away the fears of this world. God is now first in my life. This book has been a door to my destiny. God bless you. I have been blessed by this book.” (Malawi)

“I love your book, Overcoming Fear. This is a great book. It taught me exactly what to do when I am tempted to be afraid. This book helps me to focus on God and not fear. I had a fear of the future. After reading your book, this fear began to fade and diminish. I know that God is always there to lift me up whenever I am down. Thank you very much for this book. God bless you and your ministry, Jack and Judy.” (China)

“Thank you for sending your books to the Philippines. I was very blessed to read Overcoming Fear. This book explains the sources of fear and what I should do to overcome fear. It is really a blessing to know all of this information that helped me to overcome the fear I have felt all these years. I have cherished every chapter in the book. It has become food for my soul. Thank you so much for explaining all this so well. I have learned that I should never be afraid of anyone, because I can be absolutely certain that God lives in my heart. This is great assurance, because I know that God is greater than anything I will ever face in this life. This book has been a great blessing in my life. God bless you both.” (Philippines)

“I want to thank you immediately for your new book, Overcoming Fear. I have read every one of your books and given copies to many people, but I want to tell you that I believe this is your best book ever. I can hardly put it down. The day I received it, I stayed up late, even though I was very tired, to read the first four chapters. The next morning, I read two more chapters before going to work. This book is very inspiring. It gives me great peace. God’s peace is so great that I cannot describe it. I have almost finished reading this book. When I am done, I will immediately read it again. Enclosed is a check for ten copies of this book, plus a contribution to Lamplight Ministries, Inc. Thank you, Jack and Judy, for writing this wonderful book.” (Massachusetts)

I want to thank you for publishing this book, Overcoming Fear. I am reading mine for the second time. I cannot tell you how comforting it is. The way you have put information along with the right Bible verses is so truly helpful. As world conditions worsen, I can tell you that this book will be a constant companion alongside my Bible. I am so grateful to you both. Keep up the good work. You are making a big difference in people’s lives. You have in mine. (Minnesota)

Could we together reach someone who is on the verge of making a fatal decision? Would you be willing to tell everyone on your social media to listen to the free version of Overcoming Fear on our website? Our goal in writing the book is to be a bridge between fear and the peace of God in Christ Jesus, a bridge between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light.

You might write something like: “I thought of you as I began to listen to an amazing audio book. You can listen to it for free at I have a hunch that you will thank me! Check it out and let me know if this book fits like a glove😊”

Of course, I am so eager to hear how you like it. Please do let me know here or on our website, Hearing back from you will make my day! Please share with me any responses you receive from others as well. I am so excited every time I hear that we have made a difference in someone’s life😊

What are some of the fears you hear people speak of today? Would you please respond in the comment section and list fears that you hear people speaking?

When you listen to the book, write down verses that are mentioned. Write them on three by five cards and carry them with you. Speak the Word of God out loud. You can even speak it very loudly, declaring the truth of God’s Word! You can sing the Word of God as a prayer to our heavenly Father. Just get yourself in the Word of God and get the Word of God into you!





Our Move, Our Updated Book, Trust God for Your Finances, Now Available, and our Directors in Southeast Asia, India, and Uganda

About Our Move to North Carolina😊
Greetings from North Carolina! We made the move on December 13 with two of our sons with the greatest of organizational skills coordinating the packing of our three-bedroom home of 29 years, an amazing triumph! The next family team was our daughter and another son and grandson who came to do the finishing touches of packing and loading the truck. Our son and grandson then delivered to North Carolina our belongings that made the cut and survived the Good Will pile. Our heavy 29-year-old furniture did not make the cut, but was replaced by lovely, light Ikea furniture, which was being assembled the same week-end by our-son-law and two more grandsons. Our daughter helped me to load Jack, his walker and our 15 pound Cockapoo on the plane for an hour and fifteen-minute flight to Concord, North Carolina. We have to give Allegiant Air accolades of the highest sort for their making the transporting of Jack from the car to his seat on the plane a swift jaunt with no delays or bumps!
When we arrived at our new home,our dear little nest was all assembled, including a beautiful Christmas tree and wreath to welcome us, arranged by our daughter-in-law. Ten family members helped to unload and unpack, including our daughter and daughter-in-law who set up my kitchen more artistically, quickly, and beautifully than I could have done myself😊 Then in our very open, two-bedroom apartment, the ten very hard unpackers gathered for dinner with plenty of space for everyone! To think that my new home would have space for large family and friends gatherings was a wondrous joy to me, especially this group on this day of celebration!
Our apartment home was designed to create a house-like home-with a long driveway, a two car garage, a walk-in pantry, a high ceiling in an open concept with the kitchen, family room, and alcove creating a spacious living area. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms include more storage space than we had in our three-bedroom home. At least, it seems that way.
The absolutely amazing thing is that we are two minutes from practically everything we need, BUT our sliding glass windows to the back look out upon a sloping hill, a ravine, and tall stately trees, while the side windows view the ravine and more grand trees, with the front viewing trees as well. We have the feeling of living in a mountain cabin! The Ikea furniture is dreamy! We kept two sofas and three recliners, so we still have plenty of comfort.
The Most Important Decision When Moving: Finding a Fellowship in Christ Jesus😊
Three families I have met in our little neighborhood all go to a church that is four minutes away. A precious neighbor couple picked me up last Sunday to go to church and I felt that I was home. The worship time was beautiful. I felt a deep joy worshiping the Lord freely with all my heart. The message was simply and clearly that we are here on earth to brings hearts to have an encounter with Jesus Christ-that’s it! The focus verse was I Corinthians 14:1: “Let love be your highest aim.” Since God is love, we know that in order to bring hearts to have an encounter with Jesus Christ, we must spend time in the presence of God Who is love. Otherwise, we will not be enfolded in His love and be capable of bringing others to have an encounter with Jesus Christ. The gospel is clear: God does not anyone to perish, to live in eternal destruction and apart from His love, His glory, and His power. When the last breath is taken, no further decision can be made. How can we impart to people, especially our loved ones, that no decision is a decision to live in torment and anguish forever? Since no one comes to have an encounter with Jesus Christ unless the Father draws Him, the answer is to pray and pray and pray for loved ones, for revival, for hardened hearts to be softened to receive the Truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Lamplight Ministries, Inc. Is Thriving and Expanding in North Carolina
Jack has always been the center of Lamplight Ministries, Inc. His financial struggles in his forties resulted in his writing every verse he could find in the Bible about finances and writing each one on a three by five index card. He carried these verses in his shirt pocket and taught others to do so, taking them out during the day every time anyone had a free moment. Over the years, when Jack would see someone from his Tuesday night Bible study, the person would pat his or her shirt pocket, telling Jack that he or she was studying the Word of God on the cards. Jack compiled those Scripture verses into the book, Trust God for Your Finances, now with over 200,000 copies in print and in nine languages.
The absolutely magnificent fact is that we have updated, revised, reformatted inside and out, and added new biblical content gleaned over the years since 1983 when the book was first published to create the new, Trust God for Your Finances. This book is available at Barnes and Noble, amazon, and wherever books are sold as well as on our website for orders of 25 books or more.
I’ll let you in on a secret. The book focuses totally on the All-sufficiency of God. It is not about how to acquire things or increase your income, although I don’t rule out those things happening, but the focus is not on you, but on God. We are here to serve God. He does not exist to serve us. We learn from the Bible how to make the decision to daily give all that we are to God and to invite Him to direct us for the highest and best that we could ever be and do for our joy and His glory. So, I gave you a peek into the newest edition of Trust God for Your Finances.
Since Jack is 87 and I am 79, and I am Jack’s full-time caregiver, we have reproduced ourselves in three men, each of whom we have known for over twenty years. Lamplight Ministries, Inc. is represented in Indonesia by Dr. Gideon Tandirerung, Lamplight’s Southeast Asia Director. Gideon is preparing to teach the seminar, Trust God for Your Finances, to a group of pastors and teachers, based on the new book with a spectacular Power Point curriculum he is creating. His extensive education and training included interactive learning, so this curriculum is just that, so hilariously alive and wonderfully student-inclusive. Keep watching for the availability of this life-changing curriculum.
In my next blog, I will introduce you to our Directors in India and Uganda. See you then😊

Lamplight Ministries, Inc.- 1991-Today

Lamplight Ministries, Inc. exists to glorify Jesus Christ. Jack and Judy Hartman have written 32 Bible-based, topical books that they have published, and distributed worldwide through Lamplight Ministries, Inc. They emptied their 50-foot by 100-foot warehouse and sent 94 cartons of books to the nations through Love Packages ( How blessed they are to be connected with God’s children in Christ Jesus in 64 countries. Their deep joy is sending their books to pastors and leaders in Third World nations. For some, they are their only Bible school.
Jack Hartman’s Need-God’s Answer
The ministry began in 1983 when Jack faced bankruptcy and a nervous breakdown. A friend told him that if he gave his heart to Jesus Christ and immersed himself in the Word of God-the Bible-that he would find answers to his desperate circumstances.
Jack met Jesus Christ and his life was changed! Jack searched the Bible for everything he could find about finances. He put the verses on three by five cards and carried them with him. Jack discovered that:
• God owns everything
• God’s ways are often exactly opposite of man’s ways
• That God’s plan is for us to live to give, giving as a gift of gratitude back to God, and is one of God’s secrets to living in God’s all-sufficiency
• God’s all-sufficiency is God’s supply in every area of life, what you need exactly when you need it to complete God’s plan for your life
By God’s grace, Jack avoided bankruptcy and paid every creditor. Friends asked Jack to teach them what he was learning. So, Jack began a Bible study with eight people in an upper room of the Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. office (see The Bible study exploded in numbers and moved to:
• The Holiday Inn
• Then to the Sheridan Wayfarer Hotel
• Then to the Southside Junior High School cafeteria (Jack remembers the mustard on his shirt cuffs from the tables)
• Then to Memorial High School
• Finally, land was purchased in Bedford, New Hampshire; Faith Christian Center was born and had a home
The fellowship grew to a thousand people worshiping together on Sunday mornings. Jack continued as the Tuesday night Bible teacher from 1975 until 1989.
Trust God for Your Finances Is Born!
Jack’s handwritten notes from the Bible study became the book, Trust God for Your Finances, published in 1983 (now with over 180,000 copies in print and translated into nine languages). In 2018, Trust God for Your Finances was revised and updated completely with new Scripture and wisdom. The new book is clothed in Lamplight’s new cover and is a part of Lamplight Ministries’ Toolbox Series.
The financial planning firm that Jack founded is now under the leadership of Ed Hiers, whom Jack hired when he was 22. The firm, NPA, (, now employs over 100 people and is an exemplary leader in the financial planning industry. Jack continued mentoring advisors with 30-minute telephone appointments until 2012. Jack and Ed continue to have weekly appointments.
Lamplight Ministries, Inc. Is Born!
In 1991, Jack and Judy realized that giving was the core of their publishing company, Lamplight Publications. So many lives were being transformed by Jesus Christ through their books. Lamplight Ministries, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, was created. The purpose was to allow people whose lives have been transformed by the Word of God in Lamplight books to have a part in sending the gospel to the nations through Lamplight Ministries, Inc.
Today Lamplight Ministries, Inc. has 32 topical, Bible-based books written by Jack and Judy Hartman. The books are a bridge to connect the reader with the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s living instruction manual, the Bible.
Now, a new phase for Lamplight Ministries, Inc. is the distribution of books by Jack and Judy through churches, bookstores, and libraries in the United States and across the globe. Proceeds from these sales will help to expand Lamplight Ministries’ global ministry.
Introducing people to Jesus Christ is the focus of Lamplight Ministries, Inc. and subsequently teaching them instruction in righteousness, how to dwell in Christ Jesus and to walk with God. The goal, also, is to ignite people to be ministers of the gospel through sharing their faith with others, encouraging them to use Lamplight books as tools of evangelism.
Jack and Judy Today
Jack, now in his late eighties, spends hours in worship, enjoying the Gaither worship videos. Judy, in her late seventies, is caring for Jack as well as seeing Lamplight Ministries, Inc. expand through updating and re-issuing Lamplight books in their God’s Toolbox Series. She works closely with our Indonesian and India Directors.
Lamplight Ministries, Inc. continues to ship books to the nations and now provides e-books and audio books as well for pastors, leaders, and all who want to journey in the Word of God. Pastors and leaders are mentored through personal e-mail, the monthly newsletter, and blogs.
Jack’s blog
Judy’s ministry blog is
Judy’s biblical health blog is (One of Judy’s passions is providing education about how to stay vibrantly healthy and fit in order to gloriously complete God’s plan for your life.) See our website, for Judy’s section on biblical health.
About Lamplight Ministries,Inc. Southeast Asia Director
I will call him Dr. Jusuf Katon, for his protection because of ministering in countries where the Gospel is restricted.Since our meeting in 1991, Jusuf has started churches for Indonesians in New York, Texas, and Toronto. He has theological degrees and is certified in John Maxwell Leadership Training. He is a consultant in human resources development, is a professor of biblical studies, mentors and teaches pastors and leaders, and is a founder of an organization consisting of 100 businessmen and 100 church leaders to further the gospel in Southeast Asia. Jusuf has translated and continues to translate Lamplight Ministries, Inc.’ books into Indonesian. He teaches God’s principles of His all-sufficiency from Trust God for Your Finances.
A Message from Jusuf about Lamplight Ministries, Inc. books:
“Biblical principles are presented, explored, and expounded in an excellent way for each topic in a topical form. From the hermeneutics or Interpretation approach, Jack and Judy effectively use the Bible verses in a very healthy way and in the best way. My former professor, who graduated from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, applied this approach every time he lectured in my class during my theological training. He just brought a unit of Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek every time he taught. He stated clearly to us that “The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible itself.” Their books are practical in nature and easy to understand and apply in our daily life—both for new believers or mature ones.”
Jusuf Katon, PhD in Theological Studies; Certification in Business Leadership Model
About Pastor Ebenezer Moses: Lamplight Ministries, Inc. India Director
Judy met Pastor Ebenezer in 1997 in a divine appointment arranged by God. She has visited Pastor Ebenezer seven times. He translated Trust God for Your Finances (printed and distributed to over 500 pastors) and The Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ into Tamil. Pastor Ebenezer has established a 24-Hour Prayer Center on the fifty acres owned by India Gospel Fellowship in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. (Please contact us if you would like to schedule an hour that you will pray.) An entire community is planned for the fifty acres, including a church, a Bible college, an elementary and a high school, skills training (including organic farming, mechanics, computer technology, a sewing school, a culinary school, water purification education, construction, and more). There will be homes for retired pastors, a hotel for hotel management training and to serve as a destination for people in India to make their yearly required pilgrimage and come to know Jesus Christ as well. This community will be a pilot program to be reproduced in other countries, beginning in Indonesia. Pastor Ebenezer pastors a church in Salem and feeds 250 poor people each Sunday, for many their only meal of the day. He established the Shepherds Council of India with over 2,500 pastors.
A Message from Pastor Ebenezer Moses:
“Jack and Judy are a great blessing in my life and ministry. Lamplight books are really light in the darkened path of this earthly life for everyone. The words are very simple and very understandable, even to the common men. There is a great famine in the Third World countries for God’s Word. Supplying the spiritual food (Lamplight books) free of cost to the pastors of the Third World countries is a special and appreciable part of Lamplight Ministries.”
The Vision of Lamplight Ministries, Inc.
For Lamplight books to be translated, printed, and distributed in every known language. Our books have been translated into Armenian, Danish, Greek, Hebrew, German, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Burmese, Hakka Kin, Thai, and Tamil.
We would welcome you to join our Lamplight family, most of all to pray for us. The task is huge and prayer fuels the journey. Please go to our website, to sign up, or e-mail us at or write to us at Lamplight Ministries, Inc, 366 George W Liles Parkway NW, #141, Concord, North Carolina, 28027. We are so eager to meet you!

How Jack and Judy Hartman Met:) A Divine Appointment

When anyone wonders how he or she will ever find someone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ as much or more than he or she does, please read what happened to Jack and to me. Each of us was quite certain that marriage was not God’s plan for either of our lives. We each had experienced tragedies and each of us was dedicated to serving God through Christ Jesus.

I read Jack’s book, Trust God for Your Finances, and realized that Jack had extraordinary wisdom regarding God’s plan for provision. So, I called Jack on a Friday and told him that I planned to go to China as a missionary, but I wanted to ask him some questions about God’s plan for finances. We talked for about 30 minutes. On Sunday night I called Jack back and told him that I have a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading and would like to volunteer to edit Jack’s books “as unto the Lord,” in other words, for free. Jack said that he thought there was something more than that in store for us.

Jack later said that after we had completed our first conversation that he had made a cassette tape to me that told me that God told him that we would marry. He then threw the cassette tape in the trash basket. During our Sunday night conversation, Jack invited me to come to Florida to visit him. We continued to talk on the phone daily, often more than once each day😊

I asked my daughter, Melissa, if she thought I should go to Florida to visit Jack Hartman. Jack was the founder of the church I attended. He was the founder of the financial planning company where many of the people at my new church worked. He was very well known and very well respected. My daughter said that she thought I should go. (I had not dated. I had felt as if I had a mote around me, a protection.)

When I went into the office to take out my Sunday School lesson for my fifth grade Sunday School class, I came face to face with our pastor’s wife. She said, “I hear you’re going to Florida.” I was stunned that she already knew! So, my pastor and his wife prayed for me right there that my trip to Florida would be a blessing. As I think now of how the three of us joined hands in the church office and prayed for my trip to Florida, I can see God’s hand of blessing. The pastor, Pastor Ken Anderson, was one of Jack’s close friends. (In fact, Pastor Ken and his wife, Marietta, had helped Jack select our house. Pastor Ken was a builder and knew about house structure and said that our house was very well built and recommended that Jack buy it. Kind and caring Pastor Ken has gone to be with the Lord.)

I traveled to Florida with the blessing of my pastor and his wife to visit a man I had never met. I also had the blessing of my daughter. When I walked into the greeting area of the airport and saw Jack sitting there and then standing, I had an instant trust in him that has remained to this day, 29 years later. I can still see him sitting there looking at me and then standing. He had and has a rather shy smile. You would never know that from his years of leadership in business and in the church. Trust was something I had thought would take years to prove. For me, trust came the instant I saw Jack. This is a mystery, the mystery, now known, of the gospel of Jesus Christ- Christ in you, Christ in Jack, the Hope of glory.

I stayed in a nearby hotel that was very difficult to find. Once I moved here, I saw how truly difficult it was to find and that was before GPS’s were so common, but I did find it each evening. During my stay, Jack and I had the joy of introducing people to the Lord. This would be our focus point for our lifetime together. We know now that Jesus Christ in the Word of God, the Bible, has reached thousands of lives for eternity through the books we have had the honor and privilege of writing together. We are believing God now for millions.

The church, Countryside Christian Center, had a door to door outreach on the Saturday when I first visited Jack. We went from house to house sharing Jesus Christ. We did not go to the affluent area as I had on a previous outreach, where some of the people were not at all receptive. We went to a low-income apartment area. Everyone we met was so open to prayer and hearing about the Savior Who came to set each one free. I remember especially a very old man in a wheel chair and how receptive he was. As I remember, he prayed to receive Jesus Christ as His Savior. I don’t know how much longer he lived, but I do know that I will see him in heaven.

Saturday afternoon a repair man came to the house. I was in the kitchen and Jack was in his office in his bedroom. I began sharing Jesus Christ with the man and then called Jack to come and pray with the man. So, together we led this man to Jesus Christ.

On Sunday morning there was a young mother sitting behind me. She happened to be African American. Her baby was fussing, so I turned around and asked if I could hold the baby and the lady handed her to me. When the alter call came, this dear young lady went forward to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior.

When I returned home, Jack and I talked on the phone every day at length! Know that I was 50 years old and Jack was 58 years old. We are both intuitive people rather than logical people. “Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired. Different writers give the word “intuition” a great variety of different meanings, ranging from direct access to unconscious knowledge, unconscious cognition, inner sensing, inner insight to unconscious pattern-recognition and the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.” (from Wikipedia) You will see that intuitive people are risk takers😊

So Intuitive Jack and Intuitive Judy soon knew that one day we would marry. We both knew with certainty. The problem remained that I lived in New Hampshire and Jack lived in Florida. We would not be able to know each other better because my moving to Florida and setting up a different household did not seem like an option. So, we thought about when we would marry. One year would be wise. Six months would probably be acceptable. Then, we narrowed the time down, realizing that we did not have to please anyone except God and we felt that we had His blessing. In fact, our marriage was His plan!

I returned home to New Hampshire. The next time I visited Florida, I was to make it my home, our home. My daughter, Melissa, and her husband, Paul, accompanied me to Florida. Their son, Ben, was one year old. We had asked our pastor, Pastor John Lloyd, to marry us. Normally, a couple was required to have six months of marriage counseling before Pastor Lloyd would marry them. Jack was teaching a class on his book, Trust God for Your Finances, at Countryside Christian Center, where John Lloyd was the pastor. Pastor Lloyd agreed to marry us. We were married in Pastor Lloyd’s office with Paul and Melissa standing with us. It was a precious time, exactly 29 years ago.

I never went to China as a missionary, but I became a missionary through our books to 162 nations that we know for certain and many more, I believe. Our books have been translated into nine languages but likely more! Jack and I both have an insatiable love for the Word of God. We both are totally aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit as we write.

History of Jack Hartman’s Adventure in Christ Jesus

Jack wrote Trust God for Your Finances in 1983 when he faced bankruptcy and a nervous breakdown. A friend told him that if he gave his heart to Jesus Christ and searched the Bible to find out what God says about how He takes care of His children, that he, Jack, might not have to go bankrupt. Jack had an overwhelming fear of letting his family down and of not taking care of them properly. So, Jack met Jesus Christ personally! This was a part of the equation that was way more than Jack expected. He had just wanted to save his business to take care of his family.

The greatest relationship available to anyone was now Jack’s. Jack met Jesus Christ. Christ is not Jesus’ last name. It is His title. He is the Savior of the world-for anyone who will acknowledge Him and choose to live for Him. Jack had been a body and a mind, with a dormant spirit, a spirit that was heading straight for hell by default. Jack was rescued from imminent hell by choosing to ask Jesus Christ to be Lord of his life. Jack entered eternal life with Jesus Christ the day he chose to believe and receive the greatest gift of all. God, our heavenly Father, gave His Son to live a perfect life without sin because Jesus’ nature was God’s nature. Jesus is God. God required a sacrifice for sin each year. Jesus Christ became the final sacrifice for every person on earth. Now, when Jesus Christ lives in Jack’s heart, God sees Jack through the shed blood that God’s Son shed for Jack. God sees Jack in the righteousness, the perfection, of Jesus Christ.

Jack began to do what he found in the Bible that God instructed him to do. Jack learned that God’s secret of receiving all that God has planned is to learn what God has planned, to know the Bible. Jack discovered that the Bible is not just a history book, though it is the true history of the world since its foundation. The Bible is not just a book of instructions about how to live on this earth. It is the only book on earth that is actually alive. It is powerful. It is healing. It is not just words on a page. It is life giving to all who have entered into eternal life in Christ Jesus. To everyone else, the Bible is foolishness.

Jack began to immerse himself in the Bible every day, all day long. When he had a free moment from the firm he established, Northeast Planning Associates in Bedford, New Hampshire (see, he was contemplating or murmuring, or meditating on God’s Word on three by five cards. The Word of God was being imprinted on Jack’s heart. The power to explain God’s Word resulted.

Friends asked Jack how he was able to go from near bankruptcy and a nervous breakdown to paying every creditor back and living in such joy. So, Jack began a Bible study in the upper room of an office in Manchester, New Hampshire, with eight people. Well, so many people heard about what happened to Jack that the meeting had to move to Southside Junior High School. Often mustard from the school lunch table could be seen on Jack’s white shirt cuffs! The meeting grew and moved to the Memorial High School auditorium. When this facility was too small, the Bible Study moved to the Sheridan Wayfarer Hotel in Bedford. Finally, land was purchased and the church called Faith Christian Center in Bedford, New Hampshire, was established. A pastor was called and Jack kept teaching the Tuesday night Bible study. The church grew to have a strong outreach to foreign missions, a Christian school, and a strong community outreach, Helping Hands, to give a lift up to those in need. Jack continued to teach the Tuesday night Bible study from 1974 until he moved to Florida in 1987.

Jack had printed Trust God for Your Finances himself, because he could not find a publisher. He put an ad in Charisma Magazine offering his book, Trust God for Your Finances. The first printing sold out-25,000 copies. Then another printing sold out. Thousands, of lives were touched by the Word of God in the book and, we trust, readers came to know the Savior, Jesus Christ.

What Jack had found in the Bible was how God operates in the lives of His children. God has created in the Bible an energy or anointing or power. When Jack read the Bible, he was empowered by the Holy Spirit to make the best decisions. The two truths that Jack learned were that 1) Immersing himself in the Bible is one of God’s secrets of living powerfully in the world 2) Giving is God’s secret of multiplication! God gave his best. He gave His only Son to live, die, and rise from the dead for Jack. So, Jack began living to give. Today Jack and Judy together live to give. Once the decision is made to live to give, regardless of circumstances, the victory is won.

The business, Northeast Planning Associates, continues to thrive with more than 100 employees, including over 70 advisors. For many years, there has been a weekly, voluntary Bible study and prayer at noon at the firm. Many advisors and many employees are strong in Christ Jesus today through the mentoring of Jack Hartman.

A tragedy happened in Jack’s life that temporarily halted the writing of books, but did not halt Jack’s growth in Christ Jesus. An ardent golfer, Jack decided to move to Florida, where he knew the sun would shine all year round. He continued to mentor advisors with thirty-minute phone consultations. Jack would pray before each appointment: “Father, I have no idea what to say to this person, but you do. Speak through me to bless this person in every area of life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.” Then, Jack would speak into the advisor’s heart. Some would take three or more pages of notes and implement what Jack recommended. There is a DVD of the recognition dinner that honored Jack, even though Jack was in Florida. Advisor after advisor comes onto the screen speaking right into Jack’s heart, thanking him for the success that the advisor has in every area of life, not just in business, and many of them thanking Jack for introducing him or her to Jesus Christ. The DVD ends with a standing ovation to Jack through the screen with everyone in the room clapping for all they are worth, because of Jack Hartman’s pouring himself into their lives for so many years.

In 1989 I attended Faith Christian Center, the church that Jack had established. One week-end, Jack came to New Hampshire from Florida to speak to the church at a special meeting, not on Sunday. He was going to speak on finances. I thought I knew a lot about what God says in the Bible about finances, since I had taught biblical finances on the radio in Scott City, Kansas in the early 1970’s where I was a Co-founder and Co-director of Ladder Creek Youth Ranch (a Christian summer camp where we did not charge the ranchers to attend and we did not pay the staff. Everyone gloriously trusted God for his or her finances). On Sunday morning after Jack had held the meeting on Saturday night, I was walking through the church kitchen on my way to teach my 5th Grade Sunday School class. (I was honored to be the teacher of a powerful group of young people, powerful “pray-ers.” Sunday morning was a magnificent time for me, just to grow in Christ with these precious young people.) As I walked through the kitchen, Rudy Johnson asked me if I had read Jack’s book. I said, “No.” So, Rudy gave me a copy of the original Trust God for Your Finances. Next timie I will continue telling you about this supernatural meeting that God ordained-for Jack and me to meet! Talk to you then😊

Exploring the book of Hebrews

Today I am beginning to study the book of Hebrews in the New Testament. I am excited to study Hebrews to be able to see history and life from God’s perspective. I will think of Paul as the author, although it could have been Luke, Barnabas, Apollos, Silas, Philip, Priscilla, or others. The writer speaks of Timothy as “brother,” I consider the book of Hebrews to be written for me, although it is directed to the Hebrew Christians who were allowing the old ways of Judaism to slip back into their lives.
Before I go even one step further, I must remind myself of the authenticity of the Bible. What I am reading, studying, and meditating upon was written by forty authors over a period of about 1,500 years on three continents in three different languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Of the over 2,500 prophecies in the Bible, 2,000 of them have been fulfilled to the letter. We are living in the time when the remaining prophecies are being fulfilled!
In 2017 the ancient biblical city of Corinth was found under water! It had been destroyed by an earthquake 1,400 years ago. Archaeologists found the colossal architecture perfectly intact. Anyone who denies the authenticity of the Bible is very sadly is blinded to the reality of the proofs of biblical accuracy. The message of God’s gift to every person on earth of His Son, Jesus Christ, is the message of the Bible. Over 500 people saw Jesus Christ when He returned to earth after His resurrection. (I Corinthians 5:6) I love the Bible. I treasure it as my most precious belonging. It is God’s power in my life every minute. (I Corinthians 1:18)
Anyone who questions the authenticity of the Bible needs to research the historic and archaeological evidence that proves otherwise. You will find an abundance of information from multiple sources. I will venture to say that God was the editor and put it all together for us. “Jesus gave his life for our sins, just as God our Father planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live.” (Galatians 1:4). The Bible explains God’s entire plan. It contains all that pertain to life. “By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know him, the one who called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory and excellence. 4 And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.” (II Peter 1:3)
One fascinating discovery was the discovery in the Dead Sea Scrolls of the entire book of Isaiah written in Hebrew, found in 1947 by Bedouin shepherds. The book is identical to the original with the exception of a few small damaged portions. The book of Isaiah contains the message of Jesus Christ clearly.
I invite anyone who picks up the Bible to research until you know that it is true. You might come to know the Bible as true by reading and meditating it upon it, but you can save time by discovering the findings that prove the validity of the Bible.
You can proceed for a bit if you have not yet come to know the living Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of your life. I dare to say that you will not proceed very far into the book of Hebrews without coming face to face with a decision that you must make: to accept or to deny Jesus Christ, the Son of God. My prayer is that every single person who reads this journal will grow more and more deeply in knowing God in Christ Jesus and living in constant communion with Him, thus in victory or, if not yet a member of God’s family, will make the decision to receive the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Effective Prayer by Jack and Judy Hartman Lesson #4

Effective Prayer Bible Study by Judy Hartman
An Overview of the book to prepare you for your own journey through it
Lesson Four
Dear Precious Ladies,
I am in North Carolina enjoying my eighteen immediate family members,
especially Breanna, who is graduating from Bible Baptist Church High School. I will be riding horses with my daughter, Melissa, Breanna, Breanna’s dad, John, and probably a few others. We ride on 350 acres with woods, streams, hills, meadows, absolutely a
dream place to ride. If you look really closely, you will see me galloping up the pasture hill on a mighty steed (knowing the horse will stop at the top of the hill.)
I. Begin in prayer, including prayer for our national and church leaders and prayer
for the 83 girls still in captivity in Nigeria and the total of 276 whose lives have
been so devastated by their horrendous abuse in their three years in captivity.
II. Worship the Lord by singing Alleluia led by Rebecca
III. Review Lessons 1-3
IV. Receiving Jesus Christ: Admit you are a sinner (Romans 3:23); Repent (Romans
6:23; Ask God to forgive you (I John 1:9); pray to invite Jesus Christ to be your
Savior and Lord (Romans 19:-19) Then read the Bible; carry passages with you;
pray; put on the whole armor of God; pray Psalm 91; listen to God and journal what
He says to you; begin and end prayer with praise, worship, and thanksgiving to God
in Christ Jesus; invest yourself in a church where Jesus Christ is alive and the
Word of God is taught; tell others of your newfound gold mine: Jesus Christ; live in
joyous expectation of what God will do each day in your life.
V. Now get ready to share your faith. Break up into two’s now and each of you tell
the other how you came to know Jesus Christ. You can use two or three verses
to focus on, what He did in your life, keeping Jesus as the center. If you haven’t
selected verses yet, just say:
1) One sentence: life before Jesus Christ
2) One sentence: How you came to know Him
3) One sentence: Life after Jesus Christ
Take five minutes each
Enjoy getting to know each other better
Continue Review-no need to look up the verses in the review chapters
VI. Review Chapter One of Effective Prayer
God is delighted when you talk to Him (Proverbs 15:8)
VII. Review Chapter Two
God has a secret for you when you talk to Him a lot (Psalm 25:14)
VIII. Review Chapter Three
The supernatural power of God will flow through you when you pray (James
IX. Review Chapter Four
God answers your prayers (John 15:7)
X. Review Chapter Five
Come to God in reverent awe and trembling (Isaiah 66:2)
XI. Review Chapter Six
You can hinder your prayers by selfish or greedy motives
(James 4:2-3)
XII. Review Chapter Seven
Pray for leaders of nations and all who are in authority, especially your
pastor (I Timothy 2:1-2)
XIII. Review Chapter Eight
Praise the Lord from when the sun comes up until the sun goes down
Psalm 113:3; pray as David did-morning, noon, and evening Psalm 55:17
This is where we stopped last week
Stop and pray any time during the lesson.
Put on the whole armor of God: Ephesians 6:10-20
1. Put on the belt of truth which is the Word of God
2. Put on the breastplate of righteousness which is the blood of Jesus
Christ that was shed for you to live in His righteousness
3. Put on your feet with the readiness of the gospel of peace-
you are ready to share Jesus Christ with everyone you meet today
4. Take up the shield of faith-to extinguish all flaming arrows of Satan